The For Success Foundation is a national network of learning centres all hosted in high profile sports clubs including cricket clubs, football clubs, and rugby clubs. All centres have a track record of engaging and working successfully with young people.

Our work includes;



Our team includes co-writers of the National Framework for Study Support, the quality assurance tool used in schools and other learning environments nationally.

All centres provide enrichment to the core curriculum through a range of programmes built on the successful Playing for Success approach. Programmes are delivered both during and after school hours, at weekends and during school holidays.

The ethos and approach in the centres is designed to develop confidence, self esteem and positive attitudes to learning. Graduates of our programmes speak of raised aspirations and ambition.

I think this was a great opportunity to have and I am glad I started this programme. It was very enjoyable and the teachers here are very kind and helpful. Also it was a great opportunity to improve in English and ICT.’

~ Oldham pupil

I really enjoyed it because it was fun and educational at the same time.

~ Southend pupi

Parents and teachers also see real value in the programmes delivered at centres.

Pupils made good gains in terms of confidence and ability to use technology.’

~ Teacher

‘Since joining the scheme J has become much more confident and outgoing. Before coming to the scheme he would’ve been ill and upset at the thought of speaking in public.’

~ Parent

This was an excellent opportunity for my child. Their literacy and confidence improved markedly over the ten weeks’

~ Parent